Sunday, 15 January 2012

And we're off... (2700)

I wrote 2700 words today, some of them quite good. I found three scenes, and apart from being mostly conversation, less action or description, I think they ask a question that the reader might get involved with. I think I was at the computer anyway (trying and failing to get my son's UCAS application off before the deadline) so diverted myself with 'just one more paragraph'. Once the story starts to write itself, it's a bit of a compulsion. I could probably diagnose myself with something (but I won't, I'm not that kind of psychologist. Labels, schmabels). Sage is turning out to be an emotional bomb site, and the whole novel is less about 16th century magical beliefs as it is a vengeful, deranged ghost. I love ghost stories, so that's OK, but they freak me out. I'm scaring myself with my own story. So, not only am I finding it difficult to sleep with the story running through my head but I have to have a nightlight on like a three year old. Very romantic.

In between, I've just read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I enjoyed it, I thought it was a good retelling of the old witch meets vampire, falls in love etc. story with mortal danger and great historical references. It wasn't completely new to me, let's say that!  But a great deal better written than a lot in the genre. It was a bit annoying that one of the main characters is called Ysabeau, I trawled through Medieval genealogy sites (in French) for hours to find Isabeau as a character name, and D.H. got there first. Rats. Back to work...I've got two hours to pay for no. 1 son's UCAS application, so a few more paragraphs...

PS Thank you for the anonymous comment, it's lovely to know that people out there read these efforts! Presently Blogger won't let me reply.


  1. That must be a good sign if you're scaring yourself with your own story! I look forward to reading it (although perhaps not right before bedtime...)

  2. Hi Reb - Happy New Year - I've been away (literally and figuratively) and am catching up.

    Looks like you have been redecorating the blog ??

  3. Hi Beth, I always spook myself with ghosty type stories! Daft really, but at least I'm in touch with lots of authentic emotion...

    Lovely to hear from you Downith, hope everything is good and the dissertation is getting there!