Monday, 15 July 2013

Networking and publicity

I'm probably not one of those people who will have tee-shirts printed, jump up and down saying 'read my book - it's brilliant!' or bully people into buying it, but I accept that sales will be restricted to friends and family if I don't get out there and work it a bit. Because, it is a good book and it's written well and it tells the story of characters I love and believe in. So I'm networking.

I'm teaching, which reaches a few people (and I love, and it pushes me as a writer!). I'm hoping to do an author event in Barnstaple, which is good. I'm meeting people who are happy to promote a local author. I'm reaching back to my other community on the Island, which is still where my heart wants to be sometimes. I'm spending time on the computer connecting with people. It takes masses of time. It takes more time than I ever expected.

I have a writing website for teaching. I have just purchased website address for the books which will need servicing and looking after. I still have blogs etc. I'm webmistress of the North Devon Publishing Project (look us up) and I'm still trying to be a wife, mother and occasional reader. And fit in book 3 and research for book 4. Hm. Something has to give.

So, I'm hoping to meet up with the lady who will be doing publicity and maybe the marketing lady too, if she's around, and ask them all the baby questions that I need to understand to further promote the book, and hopefully reduce the anxiety and even manage the work better. How does one market their book? I feel like I need to invest in this first one. On my MA we were visited by an editor who said 'you only get one chance to be a debut author', and I know he's right. Making a splash for book 1 will give further books more of a chance.

Despite all this, I'm back on track with book 3, despite the distraction of sunshine, beach days and prickly heat nights (ouch!) and will be off celebrating my birthday with friends Thursday and Friday. Fabulous times.   

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