Saturday, 12 November 2011

Where do you write?

I keep getting moved with the building work, and I seem to write differently in each location. Rewriting (not my favourite activity) needs a lot of concentration, somewhere quiet like the room I used to have as a study, but that's a bit of a building site at the moment. My desk is stuck in a  sunny bay window at the moment, which makes seeing the screen very difficult, not to mention the noise from the team hammering and sawing next door. It's a good environment for new ideas - I seem to have half a dozen next novel ideas going around my head. Not to mention ideas for poetry.

Meanwhile, the study is finally warm, the draughts have been patched up and a proper floor laid, and the ceiling has been insulated. The smell of sewage seems to be a thing of the past, and the cloakroom is getting a paint job. Now I just have to find places to put everything that normally lives piled up in heaps and old boxes in the old room. Hopefully, getting back to a quiet corner of the house will help with the tidying and rewriting!  

So, where do you write? 


  1. Sounds great, all that activity if noisy. Sure it will provide you with a great writing space once it's sorted.

  2. Good luck with finding your cosy corner!

    I write in a chair in my lounge. It is the coolest area during the hottest seasons and the warmest in our short winter. I have also taken myself off to the vineyard to sit under an Olive tree when I need to feel free from four walls.

  3. Hi Carole Anne, it was great fun when they were working but it's nice to be quiet again! And Glynis, the vineyard sounds wonderful. I'm not sure I wouldn't get distracted though!