Monday, 7 November 2011

House in chaos and me with it.

I know people say if your room is in a mess your head is too - this may be true at the moment. The whole house has been in a crazy mess for months, as we completely redecorate and sort out rooms. Getting the deadline for the Mslexia submission made me work, but now I'm a bit lost.

A friend said (closer to Halloween) that our house is a bit Gothic and it's true, no happy little moppets toil up the long, dark drive past the black end wall, towering three stories over the cliff, in the hope of Halloween candy. Jehovah's witnesses rarely make the trip either. It always sounds like we're millionaires, with eighteen rooms, and more than an acre of garden. Hah! You have to be a mountain goat to get up the garden, even if you could get through the brambles. Most of the rooms were terrible when we moved in and the reassuring munch of woodworm helped drown out the scamper of ratty feet in the loft...We liked the bats streaming out from the eaves (and riound the house, at first), fortunately, but I get what she means. From inside it's a modest little house because all the rooms are small and so crooked you can't put furniture in without it sagging against the corners or running downhill to the south-east. I believe I could afford a two bedroomed house in Winchester with what we paid for this house...

I did send out four poems for the Plough Prize (no harm trying) and I have a number of magazines to submit work to, but I'm feeling a bit lost and unfocused, which exactly describes my house! I know I have to go through the book and make sure all the 'setups' match with 'reveals'and invest in some description. Not my strong point. Back to work.


  1. Your house sounds idyllic Reb, despite bats and sloping floors. Never mind about feeling unfocused - these things come and go don't they?

  2. You're right, Sarah, but I always feel as if I'll never get writing again! I'm sure, as always, it will settle down. I know people who write in a very organised way, so long every day, so many words etc. but my motivation is up and down like a yo-yo. I don't think I'm the only one!

  3. Writing, Reb? I remember that. I used to enjoy it and do it every day in one form or other until I had to do my diss... A month's hiatus so far :'( ...

  4. But you got the dissertation in? Which is a position I would LOVE to be in right now!