Monday, 15 August 2011

Unplanned (600)

Back to my old hassle of having no plan to work to. I've taken advice and I'm analysing what I have written and am looking at how to get from the beginning to the end. It's slow work, mostly because I hate doing it and I'm not really sure what I'm doing. Throw in a bad back and a house covered with dust sheets, and the distractions outweigh the motivation. There are 6 more weeks to the deadline for the Mslexia competition which I really want to go in for, and you have to have a whole novel to go in for it. I have turned up a lot of dead ends and also opportunities to develop the characters.

I still have a perennial problem - who am I writing for? If it's an adult audience, great, but it's got a strong magical element and perhaps that's more suited to a younger or crossover audience. In which case, making the teenage protagonist more prominent might be a better idea. I don't know, I read crossover fiction all the time! I'll just keep writing and see what happens... 


  1. Hi Reb, glad you found my post on drawing out scenes useful! I hope you can climb out of the rut soon. Also hope your back gets better.

    Your cat looks identical to mine! (Previous post).

  2. Hi Reb - I agree -write it and see where it goes.

    PS - where did you find your horse that you got back on - mine is MIA

  3. Hey Reb - Nice blog you have here. As far as audience goes... if you're not sure, simply write it for you and I'll bet you're not the only one who'll like it. (And magic definitely isn't a no-no for adults.)

    That's my advice anyhow!


  4. Hi Nik, very sensible advice. By the way, huge fan of 'Not So Perfect', I just wish I could write short shorts. Thanks for stopping by, Reb

  5. No problem at all! Best of luck with it(and thanks for saying nice things about the book!).

    And there's no reason you can't write short stories...