Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I worked very hard today on planning, with a large bit of paper and actual pens. And (finally) I plotted the whole thing! Interestingly, a couple of scenes I loved have found there way back in having been excluded before. And the missing middle scenes, all 12 of them, make sense now. I've just got a bit of historical plot to do and I'm sorted! This all came from a post by Glynis Smy (thanks, Glynis!) and the frustration of watching my kids decorate because I can't with a bad back.    

This is my rambling plot. 39 chapters and 97 scenes that make sense, have some sort of logical sequence.

And this is a gratuitous fish shot. Sorry about that.


  1. So glad my ramblings helped you out, Reb! Thanks for the mention. x