Saturday, 24 October 2009

Not writing

Now I've spent another day not really writing, though I did start rhyming from the BRB. I feel bad about not writing, and it's scary because I'm worried I will just lose momentum completely and go back to weeks of not writing. What I have done is talk to a friend about her exploration of English Literature and it reinforced how much better other people's books and poems are now I know a bit more about how they are written. I am starting to see the armature of novels and poems, how they work. That helps me try and make mine work better too, though I'm not really there yet, it's beginning to come home to me. I'm reading short stories and more literary novels, and getting them, giving them more time to catch my interest.

On another note, my sad days are over for another year and I'm looking forward again to November, and going away, and the whole month of December, which I try to keep completely free but already has an eye appointment in. I have more visitors still to come, the presence of all the kids, and all is well. We are cooking and washing up for 11 again though - takes up a bit more time than usual...

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