Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fantastic day

It's been a great day for me. It's Beltane, the Celtic festival opposite Halloween on the calendar, and it's our ninth wedding anniversary. I finished the complete, finished draft of book 2, all edited and gaps filled in etc. and it was sunny all day. Then my pages came from the publisher's, ready for me to put the final tidy up and gloss on book 1. I sent book 1 off to the competition on Halloween and book 2 is going off in Beltane, seems appropriate for a series rooted in magic and sorcery!

So we celebrated with a bag of chips on the sea front, eaten out of the wrapper eyed up by increasingly bold and bossy seagulls. I got some lovely flowers, we walked hand in hand to a restaurant and had a lovely meal, we laughed and joked about the book in the euphoria that comes with finishing a huge project, and we are about to enjoy an evening in front of the fire. Well deserved, I think, because the last few weeks have been hard work, had some unpleasant surprises in and generally have felt heavy.

Tomorrow it's back to work as usual - I have about twenty epigraphs to write, some of them complicated and they will need research. I have to edit the new stuff I wrote today, including the ending, and I have to put together three book outlines for my agent to look at ahead of meeting up with her later in May. All good stuff, though, I can't wait to get stuck in. 

Here are my flowers and the proof pages, ready for my perusal!

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  1. Bloody marvelous!

    Putting a book to bed is an amazing feeling, and even better when it coincides with a holiday or celebration. Huge congratulations!