Sunday, 18 November 2012

Progressing again

I recognised that I was in the doldrums so looked back at what I did on previous books at the same point. Interesting reading! When I really get stuck I write the ending in a mad rush, because I've been thinking about it for ever, and then the links just appear. I'm writing fast and making notes on what has to have happened to get from A (the beginning) to B (the middle) to C. It's working, and better than that, the action scenes are good to write after a lot of chatting earlier. it did occur to me that I have written two books from scratch this year, one to second draft and I have substantially rewritten a previous book. Productive year. I've also managed a poetry collection. Blimey. Success is the best encouragement to write.

I'm waiting to her from my new editor about book 1...then I can make the necessary changes and get the book back to him. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get the scrappy, untidy draft of book 2 into a reasonable shape so it can be tucked away for the fermentation process that happens while I work on the next book. I'm amazed at how many ideas I've had about the 'old book' now I've half forgotten it! Anyaway, back to work... it turns out writers work 7 days a week.

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