Friday, 22 June 2012

Draft 2

Having spent time plotting and rearranging I am ready to write draft 2, the first whole draft of the book. I have eleven new scenes to write, then adapt previous scenes, and one of the main characters needs rewriting but I find the actual writing easier than the planning! It's all better than just wailing at the phone 'Ring, damn you' and dissolving into chocolate cravings. No news from the editors or the agent. If I twiddle my thumbs much more they will come off. So, write.

Meanwhile, the sequel to Secrets (still called BT2) is starting to gel. Edward Kelley is such a shady character (we don't even know his actual name, he also went by Talbot) I can sort of make up bits of his journey. That will enable me to finish the Dee strand I started in Secrets. I seem to sort it out in conversation in the car. Since it will take eight hours to drive to the Lake District, I should get the rest planned out before I get back!

My crazy daughter is home, having taken a few days from her hectic life in Plymouth, and I'm so enjoying her company. She's new to all these discussions, and full of questions and ideas. I'm looking forward to no. 1 son-and-editor coming home next week. It's been a collaboration, the kids, the agent, tutors, friends, and they all seem to have an interest in what happens next in 'their' story. I just hope I can give them some good publication-type news at some point. 
The motivation for Bones: the well. I pinched it off a house moving website!