Saturday, 17 December 2011

Too much to do to write!

I'm taking an unscheduled and, I think, reasonable break from writing for a few days. Tomorrow the boys and husband come home (the latter no doubt the worse for wear after the firm's pub crawl) and then we have 13 for dinner on Sunday.  I'm reading a fellow student's novel and am deep into that, am tired from filling the freezer with industrial quantities of Xmas snacks (none of which I like!). I have to get three bedrooms moved tomorrow, furniture and all, to accommodate all the kids and their partners... and we celebrate the winter solstice so everything has to be sorted and ready by Monday evening. Most of my army of helpers are away (the younger ones are at their grandparents to see a panto) so I'm busy busy!

What I really want to do is start my next novel...


  1. Gosh, you are busy. Isn't it dreadful when life gets in the way of writing?

    Enjoy your festivities. Happy Christmas.

  2. Happy Christmas, Reb. And loads of good fortune in the New Year. xx But bagsy me to be short-listed for the Good Housekeeping thingy. ;) ;)