Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mslexia Competition

I've been tarting up - sorry, polishing - my first 5000 words for the Mslexia novel writing competition. It has made me focus on what makes a good scene. I'm a great fan of Noah Lukeman's 'The First Five Pages' which makes you look very critically at each scene. It has made me realise how weak the beginnings and endings of some of my scenes are. So I'm looking at each scene as if it were a mini story and trying to make each first and last line intriguing enough to make a reader (hopefully) want to read on. 

It's a depressing job, when I realise just how bad some of my last lines have been. But it is coming together. After a week of almost no real pain, having even a small amount over the weekend has been a bit depressing. I need to go back to some sort of writing routine, it seems to help!

Meanwhile, I finally got my last assignment from the taught part of the MA back at distinction - I was so pleased. It was a series of poems, all of which are now free to go off to the Plough Prize in Torrington. I even did well on the rationale, which was a huge relief. All I have to think about now is the dissertation. 


  1. Hi Reb, thanks for your kind comment on my blog the other day. It was very sweet of you to offer your help and expertise - I might take you up on that offer!
    Anyway, it sounds like you are doing really well - I hope you are successful with the Plough Prize! I have (on your recommendation) bought Stephen Fry's The Ode Less Travelled, and I have given an iambic pentameter poem a go about my sisters new baby girl! It sounds strange.. Iv posted however, I think I need a lot of practice. haha.

    Sarah x

  2. Hi Sarah, Iambics are funny, some people take to it instantly and can talk in it, some people just can't hear it. I shall have to have a look at your poem tomorrow!