Thursday, 14 April 2011

Being edited

Ouch! But...useful. I've sent off a short story for our class anthology and the editor suggested a few minor edits. I must say, workshopping someone else's work is very 'well, here's my idea, use it or not, it's up to you and I'll never know anyway'. Obviously, the editor in this case will know, as I have sent back the edited version. Most of the suggestions were spot on, and I'm very glad to put them in. How is it, that you can write something and read it a dozen times and not see the glaring error/impossibility/bollocks right in the middle? Then someone else comes in, and like a mean finger presses straight on the bruise you didn't know was there. So thank you Ms Editor, that has really helped.

I've been working on my novel plan and it's starting to come together. I'm itching to write more though, so today I'm going to start writing 1000 words again, even though I'm still pushing through the early part of my book. there are some scenes I just know have to be in there somewhere so I can at least get on with those! I need to be writing the beginning of the book (again) because it's going in the EMA for A363. This time I have a clearer idea of who all the characters are and how they connect. I'm working on seeing why they do things - it's all very well saying: 'well, Felix helps' but why does he? Why are the bad guys after my lead characters? Apart from that I'm listening to my seedlings gently nagging from the conservatory to put them out in the garden. they obviously don't know we're going to grow them on then eat them.   

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