Sunday, 27 March 2011

Losing the Plot

I had had my literary ducks in some sort of a row, and then a fox got in and scattered the lot. It seems that a completely brilliant sub-plot will just lift the story but I have no idea where it will all go. Plus, despite my best intentions, my characters have an odd tendency to morph into whatever actors I'm watching on DVD. At the moment, Richard Armitage is giving all my characters a Northern accent after watching him play Thornton in North and South. Great, great ending by the way. Why don't real men kiss like that?

Back to research and a HUGE coincidence (which I hate when they happen in books). I've narrowed down the origins of my character to a real life woman and the sigils I've made central to the book to a real life man. Then I find out they may actually have met! Maybe I'm unconsciously channeling a true story...

Now I have to get on with assignments so I have some 1st drafts to work on over the Easter break. I really shouldn't be sitting her moving white cards around, occasionally replaying that final scene in North and South. But I haven't seen my own 'Mr Thornton' for weeks and weeks and I have to wait until Thursday for our reunion. Back to work.  


  1. Reb - you consistently put me to shame over this novel business. I might have to stop reading you! By the way, why not add some coloured cards to the white cards to categorize more visibly and easily?

    There speaks one who (as yet) has no idea of what she is talking about. ;)

  2. Hi Boz, I did have coloured cards for different POV at one time, and may have to go back to that. I still have a sneaky feeling moving little cards around is a distraction from actually writing the bloody thing...

  3. Could this be the answer to our dreams?