Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Starting the MA

I stood in line for two hours to enrol on the MA, after which we met the faculty. Everyone seemed very friendly, and it didn't feel like going on the MSc, which was barely a step up from a BSc, we were still students being thrown information and theories, just expected to write way better assignments. This was what I was looking for, a chance to work on my creativity and improve my skills, but one thing the programme leader said was 'don't stop writing.' Since I've been fairly blocked for the last six weeks from doing anything new, I was surprised to almost feel as if I was being unlocked, and I have written 1000 word synopsis of 'Borrowed Time'. (Look at me, writing a plan!). Can't wait to get back into it.
My partner is coming down to Winchester tomorrow, so I can't wait to see him, and tell him and show him everything (look, shiny ID card! Course handbook!) and hopefully I will get some work down as well to show him. My daughter is coming down on Friday for a night, so we will be able to celebrate my son's 17th birthday (mostly) together. Then they go back on Sunday and the course begins on Monday. I can't wait to get stuck in, to be honest, even if I have to read and understand Mrs. Dalloway, which I am strangely resistant to.... I'm rather enjoying the student life.

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