Saturday, 10 July 2010

On the way to Winchester

We went down to Winchester to look at some potential rentals. The first one was a three bedroomed house - but wildly out of our sensible price range. But it's lovely and would have room for us - and the children when they come to visit - and friends and family for the day or more if they wish. Better than that, I can see myself up to the table with a laptop tapping away looking over the enormous garden... Lovely. Two problems... it's going to cost so much we will have to borrow from some new source of income (maybe even one of the kids!). The other is it's spotless, completely renovated by the owners over a year - they will grieve over every tiny mark and no house has people in it without the odd bump and scratch and tea stain. Light beige carpets...who puts those down once they have kids? But so, so lovely... and parking... did I mention the en-suite? We made them an offer and they are getting back to us on Monday. Since we haven't heard after the other people's viewing, I assume the news is less likely to be good!

Then we had a reality check and looked at the other choice - good location and very good price. The rooms were so tiny and mouldy and I can't imagine where you would put a wet coat or a row of books. How spoilt am I? Anyway, the third 'bedroom' isn't big enough to get a bed in, so thankfully, we can't have it! Meanwhile, I've been so stressed out I haven't written more than a few notes. This is getting in the way of my creativity - which is the point of the exercise.

I shall get back to work tomorrow and I do have a germ of an idea.


  1. Good luck with the house hunting. The one you love sounds so good, but I would be afraid to live there with children in case I got in trouble for marring that perfection.

  2. That is so true! But they will only have to put up with me for ten months. I shall use the snobbery all around me for the creative writing!