Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Up to 40,430 words

Forty thousand words and coming on nicely. My problem has always been that I write short, intense books and this one is going that way too. On the plus side, I think it will get to seventy five thousand and I can probably rewrite to around that length. Short, but I'm not expecting to publish it. It will make a good screenplay.

The alternate project, on the other hand, is cruising along and only needs to be about 50-60k. I'm not specifically aiming to write a commercial genre novel but this is a good fantasy / young adult tale, with a good 'world' and room for sequels (important if you're going into YA novels). It was inspired by the facebook ramblings of my niece, who like so many kids, is unfocused and more involved with her friends than the bigger world outside. I've made a start, written the first seven thousand words, more as a speculation than anything. There are two first chapter(s) competitions coming up - one the prize is publication, the other is a weeks residential writing retreat with help. I can't resist entering although it has to be said, I have A215's TMA03 to hand in and it's not quite finished. If I have an hour I can work on it, but Chancel Hall comes first after the assignments.

I have had loads of help from my OCA tutor on a short story I handed in - bags of positive feedback as well but loads of criticism of the structure. Very helpful.

I am presently writing four - six hours a day and about 2-3000 words. Bit manic, but I don't want to stop. Once I'm in a writing habit I do get on with it, and the quality, for first draft, is getting better because I'm doing it more. They say the best way to get better at writing is - write! So I am...

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