Thursday, 30 July 2009


Freewriting is one of the ideas used in various courses and writing books. The idea is that by rambling, stream-of-consciousness-style, either randomly or around a central theme, you unlock all sorts of creativity. The problem is, mine turns into a rambling therapy. Yes, I had a stressful childhood, I've lost a few important people along the way but does it all have to surface when I have a pen in my hand?

I'm trying to focus on a less emotive or retrospective theme, and keep the focus on that, allowing feelings that are immediate and contemporary to float up. Turns out I'm crap at it, so lots more practice. I shall have a go later and put it up on here. Hmm.

Meantime, my incredibly cluttered life is being painfully unravelled. I realise that in the past I have sorted out and thinned books, clothes etc. but NEVER ENOUGH. I still have things in my wardrobe from several declutters - as yet unworn. having the house cluttered just makes me feel like I have to sort it all out before I can do anything else. So the sort out needs to be comprehensive. Skip sized, not three bin bag sized. And I need to get rid of some furnture - which is all full of unsorted. carefully retained crap. It all just needs to go. So much of it is crying out to be used, and I don't have the head space to write as it is without competing clutter whispering from drawers and cupboards. Lots of the crap is there from the move - two years ago. So, sorting out is the priority and a major upside is that we will be able to move into the master bedroom and the cold, dark room can be the guest room. It's all about self-esteem. Important though 22 year old daughter is, I'm realising we might be way more important. So, while husband's is away, I will sort out and throw out.

Ooh, was I freewriting?

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